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 [Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0

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Numero di messaggi : 4607
Età : 56
Località : Roma
Data d'iscrizione : 12.07.10

[Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0 Empty
MessaggioTitolo: [Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0   [Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0 EmptyMar 19 Set 2017 - 22:31

L'ultima versione del famoso programma free di modellazione 3D è stato rilasciato a fine maggio 2017.
Qui su FOI di Anim8or se ne è fatto largo uso in passato.
Auguriamoci che questo rilascio sia di ispirazione per gli sviluppatori, vecchi e nuovi!
Cin Cin

Download Anim8or v1.0

Citazione :
The latest version Anim8or, v1.0 dated May 29, 2017 is available here: It is a major upgrade from the previous release v0.98.

This release represents a milestone in the life of Anim8or. The overall look has been updated to ease eyestrain that can result from long modeling sessions, and there are major new modeling and animation tools and workflow enhancements. Some of the highlights are:

   Inverse Kinematics allows rapid animation of rigged characters. You no longer need to position each joint at each key frame, but only need to position the end of a chain of bones and they all move as needed.
   The Topographical Knife is a 3d modeling tool that supports flexible, rapid editing of meshes. You can move points or edges, slit and join faces, add and "dissolve" edges and points, and much move with this versatile tool.
   Give a big thanks to Raxx for helping me immensely in the implementation.
   Fast Select allows you to select and model on the fly without changing to the Select tool. This can be disabled for beginners who sometimes find it easier to separate these functions.
   Pressing the Alt key temporarily changes into Arc Rotate mode allowing you to mode fluidly within an model or scene while editing. Similarly the mouse wheel zooms your view around the position of the cursor.
   A new look eases eye strain, and makes models standout from the background. You can also enable anti-aliasing in the working views on most graphics chips which can also help with eye strain. You can increase the width of edge so they don't disappear on higher resolution screens.
   You can assign objects to different layers that you can lock or hide as a group.
   The addition of folders for objects, figures, bones, etc. helps organize large projects into more manageble pieces.
   There are additional improvements and additons throughout Anim8or. These include normal maps, improved face extrusion for corner and right angle edges, scale and rotation that apply to the center of selected parts, and more.

La mia pagina su Orbiter | Guida a Orbiter | Traduzioni e download | I miei add-on su OH | Video su Vimeo

Ultima modifica di Ripley il Lun 10 Dic 2018 - 16:22, modificato 1 volta
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Pete Conrad
Add-on Developer
Add-on Developer
Pete Conrad

Numero di messaggi : 4625
Età : 56
Località : Trieste
Data d'iscrizione : 05.01.10

[Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0 Empty
MessaggioTitolo: Re: [Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0   [Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0 EmptyVen 22 Set 2017 - 14:39

Ci darò un occhio, anche se mi trovo meglio con altri programmi.
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[Anim8or] Rilasciata versione 1.0
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